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Chardonnay IGP 2016

Chardonnay Terre di Chieti I.G.T. “Rocca Ventosa”
White wine
Soil and method of cultivation
Area and Location of vineyards
Tollo, Canosa Sannita, Ortona

ぶどう品種: Chardonnay 100 %


Altitude (above sea level)
150 metres above sea level
Soil type
Clay – limestone
Exposition to sun
West and South –west
Age of vines
10 – 15 years
Density of cultivation vines/hectare
1600 vines canopy style
Yield of product per hectare
9000 Kg. (90
Method of cultivation
Canopy style
Harvest period
End of August - Beginning of September
Type and time of maceration of the skins
Criomaceration of the pressed grapes at 5-8 °C, soft pressing, fermentation at controlled te

Chardonnay IGP 2016

  • 『日本の法律、では  20歳未満「未成年者飲酒禁止法」によって、20歳未満の飲酒が禁じられています。』

  •  香港から日本への発送にはお客様のご希望の運送会社をご利用いただけます。

    例えば: Itochi, Fukuyama, Yamato, DHL, FedEx……




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