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Top Spin Ltd sell different types of Italian wine, Red, White & Sparkling wine.


Products were purchased by our headquarter in Italy and ship to Hong Kong directly.Our Italian headquarter will constantly purchase new product in order to meet customer needs and improve product quality.


Welcome to Order by phone

*Free shipping with orders over $250 (except for remote locations)
Hotline: 2419 2211

Our Hong Kong office and warehouse opened in February 2010 and served as a regional sales and promotion office providing wine trading and customer service.


TORREVILLA’s vineyard has a surface of 650 hectares situated in the western part of the Oltrepò Pavese area, in the Region of Lombardy, close to the borders of Piedmont.

The main towns involved in the wine-growing activities are: Codevilla, Torrazza Coste, Montebello della Battaglia, Mornico Losana, Borgo Priolo, Retorbido, Montesegale,

Rocca Susella and Godiasco.

There are twohundredandsixty members belonging to this winegrowers’ association,

who bring an average of 5.700.000 Kg of grapes to the winery, if calculated on the basis

of the last three harvests.

The vineyards in these territories are located in the middle part of the hills and are well exposed to the sun.

Other vineyards are situated higher up in the hills, where the winegrower “disputes” the soil with the wood and where excellent white-skinned grapes are produced, in particular Cortese and Chardonnay.

The viticultural landscape of the area where Torrevilla operates is very beautiful.

At the bottom of the hills the plain of the river Po extends as far as the imposing chain of the Alps, perfectly visible on a clear day.

In the dales of the torrents Schizzola, Ardivestra and Staffora the visitor is surely enchanted by breathtaking views.

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